Política de expedição

1 To make purchases through the website www.anajoalheiros.com, the Customer is not required to register in advance. However, doing this process can make shopping easier in the future as you won't always have to put your data. Registration involves filling in an online registration form on the website itself. You will be asked for your name, contact details, billing and delivery data.

With registration, the Customer must choose a username and password to access the reserved area of ​​the site. At the end of the procedure, an email is automatically sent to the mailbox designated by the Customer, with confirmation of registration, usage information and a link to proceed with the final activation of the registration. After this last step, the Customer can use the reserved area of ​​the site to make online purchases, being able, at any time, to change the data previously entered or change their access codes.

The data collected in the registration and registration are considered confidential and will be treated by Ana Joalheiros in accordance with the legislation in force and other conditions expressed in the company's Privacy Policy. At any time, the Customer may access their data, request corrections or their deletion from the database.


  1. To start the ordering process, the Customer can browse the site and view the different products in the form of a catalogue. These are initially presented by categories, and then an individual product is chosen. A detailed description, good resolution images and, in some cases, other forms of visualization are presented on the product page.

The products will then be added to a cart, using the online purchase option: add to my cart. Multiple products can be added to the cart before placing the order. At the end of this choice, the Customer must access his cart to complete the ordering process. This will take place in four simple steps: in the first, you must confirm the list of articles chosen and confirm the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use; in the next step, billing data and delivery address will be requested for confirmation (it is possible to set a delivery address different from the one indicated in the initial registration), you can also write comments or indications about your order; in the next step, the Customer must choose their payment method; in the last step, the data entered are presented and the payment action is requested. You will receive a message confirming the completion of the process.

  1. Ana Joalheiros, undertakes to put online only the products that are available for delivery within 30 days (maximum), and in most cases delivery will be made in less than a week. However, for reasons that are due to the existence of a limited number of parts, occasional situations of stock out may arise, in which a product apparently available and whose purchase and payment have been made by the Customer, is not in stock. That's why we put the safeguard of a maximum period of 30 days in order to contemplate the situations in which it will be necessary to manufacture a new part.

Ana Joalheiros makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and compliance of the site, reserving the right to freely change its contents, namely offers, prices or product features, at any time and without prior notice.

In cases of stock failure and delivery within 30 days is not possible, or in cases of error in the information provided, Ana Joalheiros will contact the Customer to seek to agree between the parties on the best solution, indicating a new deadline for delivery, an alternative item, a credit note or the return of the amount paid Ana Joalheiros guarantees in the aforementioned situations, the total return of the amount spent by the Customer, with the reversal, as quickly as possible and, as a rule, by the same means in which payment has been made.

The Customer may not demand from Ana Joalheiros other considerations, interest or compensatory damages, in addition to the aforementioned return, in cases of stock rupture (which implies delivery timings over 30 days) or due to errors in the information provided on the website. . Only with this acceptance will the agreement between Ana Joalheiros and the Customer be formed, and of which these sales conditions are part.

Order Processing and Shipping

Before sending the order, Ana Joalheiros needs to receive confirmation of its payment. Although it is usually brief, the payment method chosen may vary the approval time. Ana Joalheiros will contact the Customer to obtain additional information, only if necessary. For example, this will happen whenever the order is delivered within a period longer than 4 working days, so that the customer has a specific date for receiving the order.

Once payment is confirmed, the order will be prepared immediately. All orders are processed immediately and after the order is available, it will be dispatched and sent by a transport company.

The delivery time is, however, dependent on the availability and type of article. In this sense, the time of arrival at the destination for parts with immediate availability will be:

1. For mainland national territory: 1 - 2 working days

2. For national territory islands: up to 4 working days

3. Mainland Spain: between 2 to 7 working days

4. Spain Islands : between 2 to 7 working days

5. Germany, Austria; Belgium, France; Greece, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg: between 2 and 7 working days

6.Denmark: between 2 and 7 working days

For other parts that are not in stock, the timing of arrival at the destination varies depending on the item.

In all cases where immediate delivery is not possible, Ana Joalheiros will contact the Customer, indicating an expected delivery time. Since it will not exceed 30 days.

Ana Joalheiros declines any responsibility in case of violation of the legislation of the country where the products are delivered. It is up to the Customer to check with the local authorities the conditions of importation or use of the products that he intends to order.

Ana Joalheiros is not responsible for damages caused to the User by the use of the Internet network resulting from interference, external intrusions, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunctions or disconnections of the computer system or any other case of force majeure.